Hail rani Padmavati…

Yesterday,  the first poster of deepika padukone’s much awaited movie has been released and now twitter is exploding.  It is the definition of viral.

Navratri fever

Today is the first day of the ultimate dance festival. It will be like midnight sun in all the cities.  Specially gujrati…

My condolences to you 

Someone died….  OK, I am sorry. May God bless them., they find their place in heaven.  But then what???  

Scarf around my head

Let me tell you there is nothing religious.  If you are wondering I tie the scarf because of my religious no its simply the heat and some other things…   

Apology not accepted 

Forget it, past is a past forget it, be the better person forgive him/her, you will feel better once you forgive, let’s forgive and forgot and start new…..

ARC I love it.

Imagine opening your email and the first mail is getting a brand new book.  You are one of the first readers.  I just opened my email and this small action made my day. I got a book from one of my favorite author that too for free. Can you imagine the joy of getting a…

How books ruined me

If you are a “ebookworm” like  me than welcome , No one can understand my situation better than you.


” Faith is like a tubelight it takes time to light up. but when it does, it illuminates everything around us”